About the World Shearing Champs

The Golden Shears World Shearing & Woolhandling Championships is an international event that was first held in England in 1977. It is held every two to four years, alternating locations between the northern and southern hemispheres.

The upcoming event in Invercargill will be the 17th World Championships. Although it has been held in New Zealand previously, this is the first time the event will be hosted in the South Island.

Previous World Champions

The New Zealand Shearing Foundation

The Trust is chaired by Scottish-born world shearing champion Tom Wilson.

Other members include:
  • Five-time world champion Sir David Fagan (KNZM), chairman of Shearing Sports New Zealand
  • Former world team champion John Fagan (MBE), life member Shearing Sports New Zealand
  • Warren Parker, chairman of North Island Shearing Sports
  • Mike Hogan, chairman of South Island Shearing Sports
  • Gavin Rowland, past chairman of Shearing Sports New Zealand.
One of the purposes of The New Zealand Shearing Foundation is:
  • To promote, sustain and encourage the use and knowledge of the skills of Sheepshearing (including Bladeshearing) and Woolhandling in New Zealand, including but not limited to:
    • Organising and promoting Shearing and Woolhandling events in New Zealand as a means to showcasing and engaging members of the public with part of New Zealand's rural heritage;
    • Training and educating people in the art of shearing, Bladeshearing and woolhandling;
    • all with a view to sustaining the skills of shearing and woolhandling in New Zealand.
It is with this in mind that The New Zealand Shearing Foundation intends to organise and run Shearing and Woolhandling Courses throughout New Zealand, wherever there is a demand. We will be using only experienced and respected trainers who are well recognised within the wool industry for their work ethic, skill, and training ability. For further information regarding this or to express your interest in courses, please contact jude@worldshearingchamps.com or call 0274336093.

The New Zealand Shearing Foundation is also a registered Charity (Registration Number is CC52714). Details about The New Zealand Shearing Foundation are now publicly available on the Charities Register at www.charities.govt.nz . For any donations to the Foundation, please use the contact details above and you will be provided with a Bank Account Number and in turn a receipt for the donation.

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