Online Casino Reviews

How can you define a wonderful online casino? Nice and modern site, fast and friendly customer care, your favorite games, generous bonuses? Yes, all these aspects are important, but they are all worth nothing if the casino will not cover you once you can win something.

Winning rather than getting paid is probably a much worse experience than shedding.

That’s why in my reviews I place a strong focus on reputation. Various people may have different perspectives on what makes an excellent game or efficient support, but everybody wants to get paid after a big win.

My principal rating criteria are straightforward: REPUTATION FIRST.

So how do I rate a casino’s standing? I rely largely on the experience of other real players.

Big casinos that play fair

If a casino has tens of thousands of gamers and none of them have complained for years, you can be fairly sure that is an indication of a great and fair online casino.

For each casino review, I search the internet to obtain any relevant complaints. Websites such as AskGamblers, CasinoMeister or GamblingGrumbles are extremely helpful for this. However, I do not stop there and use Google to search for anything related on online forums or other sites.

Every criticism is reviewed in accordance with our Fair Gambling Codex. Not all complaints are valid and those that are not, aren’t taken into consideration.

Then I evaluate all the complaints by severity (amount involved, bonus cash, real money), sum up everything and cross-check together with the estimated variety of casino traffic or its earnings.

That is how I get a simple rating. Afterward, I reduce it for things such as:

  • Fake or manipulated games
  • Blacklisting by fellow sites which I respect
  • Costa Rica license

It takes me around 12 hours to write a great review of a single casino. So why am I going the extra mile on this?

I despise those generic “how perfect is that casino” reviews. Sadly, many sites about casinos include only these kinds of reviews. And I think that all review sites should put effort into providing the most precious info they possibly could. After all, we do it to protect you and your cash.

I wish to give you the very best and I hope that WorldsHearingChamps visitors will appreciate that at the end of the day.

What is very surprising is that some really big brands are doing badly by our reputation criteria. They are large companies and while they’re definitely not rogue casinos, their terms and conditions seem to give them an excuse to make the most of their clients if the situation permits it. If you’re curious about what I am talking about, read my reviews of Planet7, BGO or 888.

Rogue and imitation online casinos 

While you need to be extra cautious with the brands mentioned previously, there are a few you should not go anywhere near. These obviously fall into the bracket of rogue casinos.

More crazy stuff can be observed in the amount of fake casinos with imitation games with no license. This is mostly seen on the industry. Surprisingly, sometimes those casinos have quite a good market share. There are approximately 10 casinos known as Vulkan, and some fake copies of large brands such as Joy Casino, etc.. If you’re interested, I carried out an investigation about Vulkan casinos.

What most of these casinos have in common are imitation Novomatic games. How can you differentiate fake from the original? Simple detail works for me: the real games begin with the next loading screen, so anything else is obviously fake.

My advice: If you’re from Russia and you enjoy Novomatic games, attempt BitStarz. They have a clear standing and are large enough to cover big wins. The site and customer service are also in the Russian language. Their bonuses are below average, but for lovers of Sizzling Sexy and Book of Ra, it is still the best alternative.

Besides large brands and apparent rogue casinos, there are hundreds of other small to middle-sized operators. Here on, you will find reviews of a nice assortment of them. They generally offer good welcome bonuses that you probably haven’t used thus far.

Bear in mind that these casinos have not proven themselves just as far as the respected large brands. The smaller amount of players automatically means smaller earnings.

So, even if they’re managed by honest and fair guys, you may not get paid. If you win $250 000 in this casino, it’s possible they will have problems paying you, as they just won’t have sufficient money. If you’re a high roller who enjoys high volatility matches then stay and play with the bigger brands.

Interesting story 

I’ve talked to some casino supervisors who did not realize the actual volatility of some slot games. By way of instance, in Book of Ra slot that the player can win up to 5000-times the wagered amount in 1 spin. That means a potential win of $250 000 for a $50 bet.

That triumph is usually above payment capacities of the casino with $20 000 monthly earnings.

To make your life easier:

We publish our estimated “safe amount to acquire” for every casino, that’s the amount of money that the casino should not have any problems paying out. It’s a really rough estimate based on the casino’s estimated number of visitors and revenue.

My final piece of advice for today:

Always ensure that you check any monthly withdrawal limitations. Some casinos have withdrawals limited to $2000 a month or even less. If you get a big win while playing at one of these casinos, you might wind up withdrawing your win to get tens of months. And all of the time with the danger that casino will shut its doors before you receive all your money.